Do’s and Don’ts for Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
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Brands are opting for Pinterest wildly. In fact Pinterest is said to be the 3rd most popular social network in the world today. 

You can use Pin pictures or videos from anywhere on your Pinterest board. You can organise multiple pin boards, write captions and repin items you come across on the visually driven galleries. 

The structure of Pinterest can be a major asset for retailers. As opposed to the other sites of social media, these are more focussed on words. Pinterest puts the spotlight on the images which makes it easy for the products to take the spotlight. 

As the members can easily spread and share the contents, even minimal marketing efforts can reap good returns on the online outcomes. 

When it comes to marketing, there is no compulsion for anything that you must abide by. But to get the best out of the marketing efforts on Pinterest we have enlisted a few dos and donts that have proven to be success mantras for this platform. 

  • Focus on the Image Quality – Pinterest is driven by the visual and so it is not the time for picking photos like an afterthought. The more exciting a picture is, the more likely people on Pinterest are to look at it. At the time of including the enticing and high-resolution videos on your blog posts, make sure that people will be able to pin these as well. Research shows that the images which are vertically oriented tend to get more repins as compared with the horizontal ones. The photos that do not feature the faces of people are also popular on the site. 
  • Don’t Make Your Profile Hard to Find – Add the relevant keywords to the descriptions and keep the profile specific to the company. This way anyone can search your pin easily. This also allows more people to connect with you. So through this, you can enhance your followers as well. 
  • Opt for the Rich Pins – The rich pins act like the regular pins except that they include the real-time info about the product.  This implies that if a product or a photo sparks the interest of the shopper, the person will be able to see the stock level and price in the online store. Viewing the stock level can create a sense of urgency which encourages them to click through and purchase than saving links for later. 
  • Don’t Just Pin the Contents – You should not just pin the contents. The rule of thumb is crucial as you must keep the contents dynamic and fresh for keeping the readers reading. Instead of just pinning your own content you should pin the contents related to the business, interesting quotes, and images and mix in the articles and products. Create a different board that targets the interests of the customers. This also allows you to feature the best products beside them. 
  • Get Social and Build Relationships – Pinterest happens to be a social destination and that is why you must get involved with the community. You should search for the active interest members and strengthen the relationships by following them, repining their contents, and commenting on the pins. The commenting Pinterest feature is still greatly underutilized and you can stand out by using this often. 
  • Don’t Leave Incomplete or Empty Boards – Nobody prefers to connect or follow you if you have an empty board or incomplete profile. This will affect the marketing plan of Pinterest for the brand. You can use a secret and keep on pinning on to it if you don’t have enough pins to pin on the board on a regular basis. When you have sufficient pins you can share them one at a time on the basis of the requirements. 
  • Pin Consistently – Pinning steadily in the big bursts assists in maximizing the customer engagement and exposure of your store. Instead of just being a place to store videos and clicks, this contributes to the sense that you are part of the Pinterest community. 
  • Don’t Pin Anything and Everything That You Come Across – Your pinboards are going to get cluttered if you make this mistake of pinning everything. Pins that are disjointed can make the boards unorganized and lack a theme. The surfers of Pinterest like contents that are organized as they can find easily what they are searching for that way. You should not be afraid to pin the exciting content that your audience will enjoy. But ensure that they are connected to the business. 

These are just some of the does and don’ts that, as suggested by the experts of a premium digital marketing company, you should follow for making your Pinterest marketing strategy a success. Following these will enable you to attract more traffic and conversions and solidify your brand presence without a massive investment in terms of both effort and finances.

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