Common Mobile Game Testing Concerns For QA Team

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 10:53 am

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The mobile gaming market is rapidly growing and may continue to bloom shortly. Mobile games have become an ineluctable part of our lives, attracting countless users in all countries, around the globe. Therefore, producing high-quality applications and utilities remains a top priority for many mobile application developers. Mobile game testing is one of the indispensable stages in any development process, and performing this process ensures that the maximum number of users across different devices get the perfect user experience.

There are a limitless number of similarities between mobile game testing and software testing. It is the responsibility of a quality assurance engineer to ensure that the gaming apps are clean, error-free, up-to-date, and coherent with the app’s description and requirements. Adding more to it, the Quality assurance team must also monitor whether the game is sufficing users’ expectations and wants. Thus, a perfect quality inspector should not only be a passionate mobile game player but also have deep testing knowledge and skills. Mobile application testing services companies must consider the need for a skilled testers team and provide testers with rigorous training, in the case of mobile gaming app development. 

Importance of Testing for Gaming Applications

The baby step in any quality inspection process is to suspect the defects/errors while reporting about all the issues and problems. It is also important to ensure that the game fits the user experience level perfectly. In this way, the quality inspection engineer should test the product from the perspective of ordinary users, but keep in mind the technical details. Some companies recruit skilled engineers. However, most gaming applications usually require crowd testing to provide a better quality of the game. 

Interface Testing

User interface testing has special importance when it comes to the pre-launch testing. Masters of quality assurance must analyze whether the mobile games interface is first class, understandable and user-friendly. To ensure the top notch quality of the game, interface testing is considered to be much more significant than functional testing.

The most common content that any quality inspector will monitor are fonts, color effects, descriptions, resolution, the location of the main menu and how they react when rotating the mobile device screen. It is also the duty of testers to make sure that the app’s navigation is operating properly and has the highest loading speed. 

Interface testing also involves testing alignment, sound, animation, time, messages, notifications, and other effects that have a remarkable impact on the performance of mobile gaming applications. 

Graphic Testing

Along with efficient functioning, an application is considered to outperform if it has eye-catching and unique graphics in it. The problem is that poor graphic design usually disappoints any user, giving the impression that the game was developed by a low-skilled developer rather than a team of professionals.

Mobile gaming application testing process involves stress testing and battery-life testing. Stress tests are performed to make sure that the application has stable and reliable functionality. If hundreds of new users are registered in the shortest time, how will the game work? During stress testing, all these factors and more should be carefully monitored by the professional quality inspection engineers.

In case of battery testing, battery support must be excellent while providing users an opportunity to continue using the app for a long time, without maneuvering the device itself. For this type of testing, tests must be conducted on real devices to ensure the best gaming performance on various types of smartphones.

Security Testing

Monitoring security concerns and its loopholes, is one of the vital areas of each mobile gaming application testing process. While testing an application might contain any third-party code, especially when the code supports the main functions of the application, the security testing becomes even more important.

AI Feature Testing 

Many modern mobile games contain some artificial intelligence functions and are managed digitally. Testing AI functionality is one of the most challenging parts of the quality inspection process because it usually requires complex testing.

3D Testing

Modern mobile games are becoming more and more realistic, making the quality inspection process more accurate & demanding. Quality inspection engineers should have sufficient skills and experience to evaluate the performance of 3D objects and models in mobile games. 


In general, the quality assurance process of any mobile gaming application requires versatile testing of many application functions. Although you can test the application with the help of a small QA team, crowd testing may become a better choice.

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