Choosing a Good Penetration Testing Company

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 11:25 am

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Technology is involved in almost every fabric of our world even the third-world countries have started to depend a lot on it. Where the market of software and application development is at its peak, it has given rise to multiple other industries as well. These new industries might be at their early ages but they are acting as huge supports to the software industry. One such industry is known as penetration testing. It involves companies that are experts in taking different software or systems, checking them for different possible vulnerabilities, and presenting solutions for every problem discovered.

While this new industry is still in its early stages, one can see a lot of options when looking for a penetration testing company. With lots of options at hand, one might get confused as to how to find the best option. If you are one of the new software companies or just want to shift from internal testing departments to hiring a proper company, this article is perfect for you.

Is this Penetration Testing Company Good?

There are lots of factors that you have to take into consideration when selecting a pen testing company. It does not look easy at the first go but once you have found one, you would not want to let it go. Here are some traits of a good testing company:

Number of attack vectors

The first trait you must look for is the number of attack vectors a company takes care of. One of the most advanced companies can easily take care of more than 10 attacks including listed injection, broken authentication, DoS and DDoS, IDOR, DNS Subdomain takeover, deprecated ciphers, remote code execution, DNS brute force, cross-site scripting, sensitive data exposure. While most of the companies do not offer to detect all of these attacks, some cover one or two more attacks in addition to the listed. We believe you know which one is perfect.

Flexibility is the key

Flexibility is the most important trait to look for in any software or testing company. Businesses keep evolving and so does their need for testing services. At times, you have complex and huge software to get tested while at other times, you just want to get a simple and easy software tested. A good penetration testing company can expand or shrink depending on the testing needs of its clients.

Value Added

Testing companies offer their services at a great cost but paying does not hurt if a great value is added. By a great value addition, we mean a pen testing company should pinpoint as many vulnerabilities as possible and present solutions as well. More vulnerabilities discovered reduce the chances of software crashing later and demand more money and effort to be spent.


Every platform will share a hundred traits of a good pen testing company but you can easily find the ones mentioned above in every list. Keep your focus on these traits and we guarantee that you will find a perfect partner for eternity.

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