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Last updated on July 26th, 2021 at 10:26 am

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Why Do You Need pediatric-specific EMR Software?

If you’re hunting for a Pediatric EMR to assist you with your medical practice, you’ve come to the right spot since we’ve compiled a list of the best Pediatric EMRs on the market.

A Pediatric EMR Software provides tools and functionalities specific to your Pediatric Practice. The best EMR for Pediatrics allows you to handle things in ways you wouldn’t have been able to before. From making appointments to prescribing drugs with cautions about any potential side effects, you’ll be able to do it all with ease.

We recommend you go through our list of Best EMR for Pediatrics. You may also consider the many alternatives available and select the one you believe will be most beneficial to you and your practice.

Essential Features of Best EMR for Pediatrics

The best Pediatric clinic EMR software should include the following features:

Vaccine reminders

This feature enables you to keep track of vaccination administration, forecast vaccine needs, and set reminders for when immunizations are required. You can also gather and evaluate information about people at risk of adverse outcomes if they are not vaccinated.

Family dynamics

The best EMR for Pediatrics should assist in identifying populations’ shared family history, community factors, and the sharing of related data among family members.

Prescription Management

The best Pediatrics EMR Software should aid in medication management that incorporates automated physician order entry and weight-based dosing, among other features.

Pediatrics Growth Charts

A Pediatric EMR should enable you to record vital signs, growth metrics, and other age-based normal ranges, as well as compare these measurements to normative values for particular ethnic or geographic groups.

Best EMR for Pediatrics

The best EMR Pediatrics allows you to provide quality care to minors who need medical treatment. You can concentrate more on patient care instead of time-consuming administrative tasks with the help of Pediatric-specific EMR Software. Below is a list of the Best EMR for Pediatrics that can help you boost your Pediatrics clinic.

Practice Fusion EMR Software

The first EMR software we’ll discuss is Practice Fusion, which is a popular choice among pediatrists. Practice Fusion EMR reviews show that Pediatrists really like the software and highly recommend it. In addition, Practice Fusion EMR is on our list of the finest Pediatrics EMR software because of various features that help you streamline your operations. 

For example, this software’s lab and imaging capability enables you to order lab tests and view findings practically quickly through the software itself. This feature majorly works on getting patient testing done and receiving the results smoothly.

Another significant reason for Practice Fusion to be so desirable among Pediatrists is that it allows you to bill directly from the software. Practice Fusion automates some of the billing processes, reducing the risk of human mistakes as they can lead to plenty of problems, all of which you can prevent with this EMR solution.

Epic EMR Software

Epic EMR Software is also a well-known software application that has been around for quite some time. You can essentially ensure that you can combine all of a patient’s information into one spot with Epic EMR. The software also offers a great function to organize your documents and manage patient data seamlessly.

Another excellent feature of Epic EMR is the template tool, which allows you to select a medical template from the ones available on the site. This means you may look through various alternatives and pick the one that seems best to you. You can even entirely modify these templates to suit your requirements better!

ChartLogic EMR Software

Our next pick for Best EMR Pediatrics is the ChartLogic EMR Software which, as the name suggests, streamlines the process of patient charting. Having an instant charting option that allows you to gather all of the critical patient data in seconds transforms everything because you can complete appointments much faster.

The ChartLogic EMR software also helps you maximize your medical practice by scheduling your appointments so that you may see the most number of patients per day. Overall, this software saves a great deal of time and enhances the effectiveness of your activities.

CareCloud EMR Software

Another Pediatrics EMR software we’d like to discuss is CareCloud. One of the primary advantages of using CareCloud is that it is a cloud-based EMR software that you can access and use from any location. You can use the EMR system via a web app or a phone, or even your desktop, making it highly adaptable and simple to use.

Another remarkable aspect of CareCloud EMR Software is its Telehealth capability, which allows you to schedule appointments remotely and attend them via video conferencing. This tool is convenient when working with young patients because it benefits both the caregiver and the patient.

Athenahealth EMR Software

Another significant EMR for Pediatrics is athena electronic medical records that offers various features for your specialty. One important feature is the patient portal, enabling the patient’s guardian to log on to a portal and fill out any documentation you may need before an appointment.

Overall, this software is simple to use. You may also effortlessly navigate through the software’s user-friendly dashboard. In addition, it allows you to swiftly move between functions without having to worry about losing time. You can even evaluate the software in an athenahealth EMR demo.

Which Pediatrics EMR Do We Recommend for Your Practice?

If you’re uncertain about which Pediatrics EMR Software to choose, we can’t make that decision for you, but we can assist you in making your selection.

We suggest reading as many reviews as possible for each of the EMR Software to get a sense of what current users think of it. If you’re already considering an EMR software for your Pediatrics practice, then we may suggest you schedule an EMR demo before directly purchasing it. The demo enables you to view various software features thoroughly. 

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