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Entrepreneurs and startup owners are expected to succeed in a world where 6,140 new smartphone applications are launched every day on average. Even if we believe that one app needs a minimum of four mobile app developers, we arrive at a figure of about 25,000. These are the figures for the apps that make it to the market; many do not even make it to this stage.

With smartphones releasing new versions every few months, mobile app creation has become a skill that few people can master. When an app developer for the mobile app finishes working on one version of the target platform, a different version will be released to expose a host of bugs and flaws in their promising mobile app development project.With mobile being the primary mode of communication for businesses with their customers, they tend to use mobile apps, resulting in a rise in demand that matches the increase in complexity of mobile app growth. There has also been significant growth in the mobile app development market. Thousands of businesses have entered the race to be the best mobile app development firm.  

With so much on the line and so many people competing for attention, it’s become important for any mobile app developer to stand out. Even if somebody tries, only a small proportion of them succeed. If you want to have the best mobile app developer for your company, you can use this link to the help of an IT recruitment agency Dubai.

Check out the 9 helpful mobile app development tips that will assist you to be a part of the elite community of developers that every company wishes to have on their team.

1. Examine the marketplace

Before you begin the development process, you must first decide what your target user base needs. What exactly is mobile app strategy? Remember, the country’s ethnic diversity compensates for the absence of a multilingual user interface. Analyze your rivals and think about their advantages and drawbacks.

2. Recognize the current trends

Trends do not stay the same; they change, and every mobile app entrepreneur must be aware of the most recent trend before embarking on the creation of a mobile app. Today’s hot topics include Augmented Reality Software Development, Unity Game Development, and On-Demand Solutions. This gives you the opportunity to show off your creative side and help the app hit the top of the app store (Pro Tips for iPhone App Store Experience).

3. Choose a name that is catchy

This is one of those mobile app development pointers that distinguishes the strong developers from the rest of the pack. Every aspect of a successful mobile app development project must be innovative, unique, and appealing. The name of the app is part of the app’s consumer appeal. Naturally, a user doesn’t want a name as a phrase. If the same app’s name is shortened to a catchy one-word mark, more people are likely to download, use, and discuss it.

4. Ensure that your app corresponds to your concept

An average user uses just 9 apps a day and about 30 apps every month out of the 6,140 apps released every day. Naturally, no app developer wants to duplicate what has already been done. Everybody wants something different and new. The creative idea of yours is better emphasized, or rather, as the basis of your mobile app. Make sure that each UI page represents your app’s summary.  A competent developer can help you to do this when you are a company owner. You can take help from the IT recruitment agency Dubai to recruit the best developer.                                                                  

5. Build in the correct category

When a user downloads an app from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore, similar app suggestions play an important role in helping a new app meet its target audience. When you pick the right category, you will reach a particular audience that is more likely to download your app.

6. Select the right platform

It is preferable to choose the appropriate platform and develop your app solely for that platform at first. Even if your app requires access to any network, it’s best to start with the one that best fits your needs. It enables you to evaluate the application and make it easier for different platforms to use. For each version of your application, your research will tell you what needs to be added and what needs to be removed.

7. Make use of the correct icon

It is well established that visual elements are critical for gaining downloads from the app store. When users see your mobile application for the first time, the icon is the first thing they see. A visually appealing mobile application icon will strongly influence users to download the app.                                                                             

8. Increase the number of times you test your app

Mobile app testing is no longer a novel idea. Many tried-and-true resources have been created specifically for this purpose. However, testing is still regarded as a one-time procedure performed only prior to the app’s release. Testing the app on a regular basis is important for effective mobile app development.

9. Take a look at the feedback from customers

Every mobile application is expected to have problems. The faster you solve the problem, the better it is. Users that take the time to provide you with suggestions on how to enhance the performance of your app are a gift. Negative feedback about your mobile app should not be taken lightly. Watch for any negative feedback and try to resolve the customer’s problem. 


These nine-pointers will assist you in creating a great mobile app. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a mobile app, you can set up your own team or hire an agency. You can take help from an IT recruitment agency Dubai to recruit the best developers for your business.

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