Artificial Intelligence for Producing Quality Banking Apps

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 11:34 am

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Gartner states that each software product will have AI technologies by 2020. We know how artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over the software testing processes. It becomes even more complex for industries to cope with the disruptions caused due to digital transformations. Software testing has evolved from manual testing to automation testing. Due to the current market scenario and the increasing complexity of software products, the software development teams are leveraging AI capabilities. Teams are now required to develop products and test them in smarter ways. So whether it is healthcare, finance or the entertainment industry, each one is trying to innovate and use AI-based apps to promote automation. A banking software testing company defines its testing scope and effortlessly works for using AI in apps for quality assurance purposes. 

Challenges in AI for Testing Apps

There are complex challenges that banks face when leveraging AI for testing applications, which include: 

  • Identifying the use of test cases
  • Lack of awareness of how to use AI technology
  • Verifying the behavior of apps based on data 
  • Testing apps for functionality, stability, performance, etc. and their success

Improving Speed and Efficiency – Purpose of Introducing AI

When working with Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Testing approaches, it becomes important to unlock the true potential by leveraging the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the software testing process. A software tester is supposed to make prompt decisions to ensure the quality of software. When using AI, the software testing process can be improved and speed up no matter what amount of data is present. Applying AI to testing allows testing teams to adopt automation instead of manual work. 

Automating Testing Tasks

The basic purpose of Artificial Intelligence in software testing is to reduce the time, make shorter delivery cycles, and augment testers’ jobs by equipping them with automated technology. AI is currently being used in performance testing, exploratory testing, regression testing, usability testing, etc. 

Does AI in Testing Mean Replacement of Manual Testers?

A basic question that pops up in our minds when talking about leveraging AI for testing processes is whether it will eliminate the need for manual testers at all.  It does not. AI is just going to simplify the testing process and make testers’ jobs easier. They save countless hours of time that testers spend in manually testing the applications. The elementary tasks would be done by the AI technologies, and the human experts would be required to oversee the entire testing process. Even when AI detects a division during testing, a human tester would still need to validate the issues and then proceed further. 

With banking apps being more critical, AI technology is used in banking apps to improve customer experience. It becomes important to secure crucial customer information which is why AI works wonders in the banking industry. In the era of DevOps and Agile environments, banks need to automate the test requirement traceability and accelerate the QA cycle by reducing overheads in test management. AI plays an important role in delivering quality banking apps and is expected to grow its demand in the near future. 

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