AR Technology and Business: Where do we see these two together in the Future?

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 06:50 am

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By the year 2025, it is said that both augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are going to take over completely every business and industry. 2025 is not so far, and we will all get to see it (I hope so!), but what course these two technologies are going to take to reach this goal, is not obvious yet. It is also a possibility that the future is completely different from the picture we imagine and paint it. And chances are, it is going to be much more advanced than we assume it to be.

But in any case, one thing is clear: the impact of both these industries is going to be huge. It is going to change how the organizations do business, cut down costs, and increase productivity. Not only within their domain but also globally. That day, as I was checking my Spectrum mobile plans and internet packages, I noticed a lot of similar pop-ups that offered similar packages. Now even computers do not need full-time operators to operate them.

Virtual Reality: Another World

When you get into the world created by virtual reality, you get completely detached from your real environment and you go to an altogether different world. All this happens with the use of technology. This software-generated technology recreates an imagined world for you, where a person can feel detached, yet, completely feel like belonging to that environment too. It becomes their natural reality for the time being.

If the software is programmed well enough, the experience can regenerate feelings and emotions quite similar to those of the real world.

Even though Virtual reality is trying new horizons daily, it has been in the market since a long now. With hardware becoming more and more affordable with each passing day, now it is almost time when virtual reality can take a step forward, and that too on its own.

Augmented Reality: an Amalgamation of Both Worlds

Why live in one world when you can live in two of them? Yes, that is what augmented reality (AR) is about. It is a technology that picks up the base from reality and adds a layer of digital reality to it. Like a skilled makeup artist, it blends out the crease between the digital and the real world. And like makeup well done, gives people an intense and vivid perception of life, completely changing the way they look at things.

The main difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented reality is that augmented reality doesn’t zone out from the real physical world for the person. Instead, it adds special 3D effects and features which are a product of the digital world. It further magnifies the experience by enhancing the five senses, you feel better, you hear more, and you smell differently.

How is it going to Contribute to the Business World?

Even if we consider for a while that AR is not going to be a compulsory part of business development in the future, it is going to be an important part of it. It will become one of the many tools that industries use to make their business grow. Newly found industries and even old ones are seeking technological advancements to add to their business, almost daily. And what better to facilitate them than the digital world? Most of them have already realized that updating to better technological advancements is the only way to beat their competitors.

This healthy trend toward growth is going to get better with each passing day. The health industry, transport, and manufacturing industry is already investing in it.

Augmented reality: Transport Industry

Now there is this business of transportation where we have no doubts that augmented reality will be integrated. We all have GPS-system in cars, which requires us to take seconds off the road to concentrate on the maps. Augmented Reality has the solution. If Smart glasses are incorporated into transportation, it would make traveling easier, and safer, as drivers would not require to take their eyes off the road even for a second. The map will travel right in front of their eyes (literally!)

Augmented Reality in the HealthCare business

First IoT, then Virtual Reality, and now Augmented Reality is finding its way into the healthcare industry. It is a future possibility that augmented reality will be used in surgeries. That would not only improve the way surgeries are done, but also make them quite painless. Precision is the key to a surgery’s success. To help surgeons be more accurate, 3D presentations of organs from various angles would help surgeons perform better.

Interesting, huh? Who knows, maybe in the future, I’ll be able to be virtually live in my favorite season, taking all the help from AR and my Spectrum Packages. What is your ultimate AR fantasy? Share in the comments below!

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