8 Things That Should be Included on your Finance Director Resume
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If you’re looking to move up the ladder into a Finance Director role, your resume is key to getting your foot in the door with employers.

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  1. A summary of your qualifications and skills, with a focus on those that make you a good fit for the company. This can be accompanied by an overview of your career highlights if applicable.

The finance director resume should include a professionally-written summary. This summary is the first thing that the recruiter reads. It should highlight the candidate’s best financial accomplishments and should provide a glimpse into his knowledge of the industry.

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  • Education details, including any advanced degrees or professional certifications you have earned.

 Applicants for director of finance positions will have various educational backgrounds and work experience. Their qualifications will be evaluated against others with similar backgrounds. Therefore, a candidate’s education should be less emphasised than their potential contributions. The education section should be listed in reverse chronological order.

  • Details about financial management oversight experience, and any leadership experience you’ve had in your role as a finance director.

These skills are not limited to a specific industry, so you can apply them to any type of position. Some of the most important soft skills for project managers are leadership and communication. They allow you to understand what your team members are thinking and feeling. They can also allow you to communicate more effectively and lead a better-engaged team. The most natural place to include interpersonal skills on a resume is in the work experience section. This is especially true for positions that involve working with a group. While it’s tempting to focus on your hard skills when writing a resume, it’s better to focus on your soft skills. These skills are a big part of being successful in any job.

  • Your budgeting and forecasting abilities, with an emphasis on how you have managed to improve financial performance for past companies through proactive planning.

The need for proper estimation is paramount for any sized enterprise. In this respect, a candidate needs to highlight their achievements in having a robust data-gathering strategy leading to a healthy bottom line. The best way to do this is by showing how your actions led to resulting transparency that improved the quality of employee engagement and thereby led to higher productivity levels.

  • A list of the technological tools that you are comfortable using when it comes to accounting tasks, such as financial reporting tools, budgeting software, or general spreadsheet and database programs.

These tools are a big part of the job and should be listed on the finance director resume. Pull these keywords from the job description and target your resume accordingly. This will help you get past Applicant Tracking Systems that vet your resume. These keywords should be backed up in the achievement statements in your work experiences. Consider how you’ve used financial reporting tools such as QuickBooks or PeachTree to track finances accurately and efficiently, and for creating reports like balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows. Additionally, any successful use of budgeting software like Planning Maestro to find efficiency in your operating budget should be highlighted. Finally, detail achievements in using spreadsheet and database programs for data analysis and in the creation of financial models used in forecasting.

  • A list of relevant professional memberships or accomplishments, such as leading a workshop or presenting at an industry conference.

Having these designations can help to set you apart from other candidates and demonstrate your competence in the field. These achievements can also

  • Any awards you have received for your work in the field of finance and accounting that demonstrate excellence in your role.

This can be accompanied by any industry-specific accolades you have received.

  • A list of your references, with contact information including an email address and phone number if possible.

These can be supplemented by letters of recommendation or even past performance reviews to demonstrate the quality of your work.

Overall, there are a few key things that make for a strong finance director resume. These include strong financial backgrounds, leadership experience, and expertise in the latest technology tools that are used in accounting work. Additionally, you should focus on highlighting your successes as a finance director to demonstrate how proactive planning has led to improved performance for past companies. By following these guidelines, you can write an effective resume that sets you up for success in your job search.

Additionally, there are many factors that can impact the success of your application; some of these include research on the company, a well-written cover letter, and following up with hiring managers after submitting your application. By taking these steps, you can be sure to make yourself stand out from other applicants and land the job you are seeking.

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Arno Markus BA, MSc., CPRW (Certified Professional Résumé Writer), and Founder of iCareerSolutions. Consistently ranked among the Top Résumé & LinkedIn Profile Writers in North America. 16X Résumé Writing Awards including 2020 Best IT Résumé and Nominated for 2020 Best Executive Résumé.

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