6 Traits of Managed Service Providers

Last updated on July 25th, 2023 at 06:14 am

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With managed service providers, there is no shortage of companies offering their services in the market.

Managed IT services include core infrastructure management, sylog server and network monitoring, backup and restore and security. They can also have IT support, virtualization, storage, and mobility.

More and more companies realize the benefits of using SMEs to process their IT resources. Therefore the number of suppliers will continue to increase. However, this can be a challenge for you. The options can be many, and you may need a few tips to choose the best-managed service provider for your business.

Importance of Managed Service Providers

No company, big or small, can function without the right IT infrastructure. However, it’s not cheap to keep your system running at its peak. As an SME owner, you can’t always buy into an IT department. An alternative is to hire an IT specialist to handle IT issues internally. However, you cannot expect to be aware of all the possible problems that can arise.

And if you have your own in-house IT team, sometimes they are faced with tasks beyond their capabilities. Fortunately, partnering with SMBs takes the pressure off your IT staff. It allows your team to focus on projects that are essential to growing your business.

Traits of Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers can be lifeguards. These helpful industry experts will not only save you from dozens of complex and time-consuming tasks; they are also the ideal partner to help you grow your business and achieve affordable cost savings.

The specialized service provider company with technical support manage the IT infrastructure. This type of business is known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and provides support for cybersecurity, Fixed VoIP solutions, data backup and recovery, and more.

With so many service providers, it can be challenging to find the right company for you. Finding an SME that meets the organization’s needs is very important as it will ensure that your critical business support functions continue to function smoothly.

Here are six qualities that make us trust a managed IT service provider

  • Interest In Your Business Operations

The right SME shows a real interest in your company. To provide the best possible service, SMEs need to gather as much information as possible about their company and goals. It allows them to customize the service to suit your day-to-day operations.

Make sure your MSP offers several service models that align with the needs of different customers.

Flowers go both ways. It’s not enough to talk to SME representatives and read their brochures to make a decision. It’s good to visit their office, meet their team, and see their work environment in person. Even a small and short visit can tell you a lot about people, work dynamics, and overall work ethic.

  • Ability To Commit

You need a company that knows what it is doing. Managing a company’s IT infrastructure is not an easy task and requires professional knowledge and skills. To ensure the service you choose is reliable, you should review the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to measure performance and expertise.

Along with SLAs in MSP and your core business, you need to ensure they match.

  • 24/7 Availability

24/7 availability is essential for the selection of high-quality SMEs. You can run from 9 to 5, but your IT system never sleeps. The problem of not choosing a suitable time to jump. Downtime can quickly occur after work, mainly during holidays or weekends.

24/7 availability also means you can get an answer every time you call, not an answering machine. In a major accident or emergency, the right MSP will send the team to the site ASAP. In this way, problems solve quickly with minimal operational disruption.

MSP service is the only way to reduce the risk of system failure and downtime. Apart from that, this is one of the main advantages of having an SME take care of your IT resources. You hire someone to monitor, diagnose, and fix problems as they arise. Continuous monitoring and fast response times ensure nearly 100% system availability.

  • Proactive

A well-managed service partner must always actively monitor and anticipate further problems. If your provider only offers static monthly reports on what’s working well and not what’s at risk, then they’re not actively managing your network.

While your network management team will need to troubleshoot problems as they arise, it is more helpful to anticipate the issues and take active steps to avoid them, or in the worst case, have solutions pre-built before they occur.

Your business also needs a partner who will plan to grow your business rather than waiting for changes and catching up.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

Most partners ensure you have an account administrator. However, are they dedicated to you and your company? Look for a partner who can provide an account manager to act as your officer.

It would help if you had someone for your company who understands your needs and landscape and is available at all times – especially in an emergency. This one-on-one support is the foundation of an exemplary network management team and can help you get more from the hired industry experts.

  • Right Industry Experience

The right supplier has a deep understanding of your industry, its requirements, and standards. Information technology is a complex field. To solve all customer problems, your SME must be familiar with various aspects of IT management.

On this note, the right SMB doesn’t limit its services to your IT system. They will also suggest ways to improve operational efficiency and overall workflow.

Competent SMEs have a team of highly qualified IT experts who can solve various problems. Be it network administration, server support, storage solutions, or security.


Although every business needs different things, SMEs with these five characteristics are usually successful and help your business grow.

The best managed IT services providers have the latest tools, technology, and people to help you in every way possible. You have a team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you and your business grow and develop.

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