Research that deals with understanding an image, and forming a language description for that particular image, is known as a caption generator.

Image captioning has various applications such as assisting us virtually, helping visually impaired people with a better understanding of their surroundings, and of course, editing!

With the massive outreach and impact social media has in the society that exists today, it’s needless to say that every person would want to make his or her posts/blogs/page look more appealing and attract more traffic than the rest. Online content creators thrive on editing their posts to make sure they develop something unique each time. During this boring lockdown, if you are looking for pulling pranks on your friends, here are some cool apps that will help you generate fake text conversations. These are also used b some social media pages in creating hilarious posts.

Caption generators

Caption generators also have a huge part to play in this entire process.

 Let us look at some of the more popular and happening caption generators of this year on Google Play and the iTunes store. 

  1. Caption Plus –

 Using this application is pretty simple. All one has to do is open the Caption Plus app, pick out his/her favored caption, and then type inappropriate hashtags to attract more attention to the post. Caption Plus offers you the maximum appropriate captions and hashtags to compliment your pictures. Caption Plus also has curated captions to supplement every emotion and state of affairs. It also provides filtered captions for girls and boys and is shortly coming up with captions for transgender people.

  1. TagWag – 

TagWag helps you discover smart, trendy, and sweet captions and hashtags for your preferred social media platform and very quickly. With artificial intelligence (AI) assistance, the app routinely suggests trending captions and hashtags based on your picture. The seek ends with this app if you search for some cool, loopy, out-of-the-blue captions for your posts. With their new easy seek feature, you can now look up the best captions and hashtags for your picture. Regardless of captions/hashtags for food, weddings, family, nature, etc., TagWag has curated its application for any type of situation and emotion.

  1.  Issa Caption

 This application uses a complicated system and inference engine. Issa Caption always reveals the most hype captions to your photographs. Once you upload your picture on the app, you will be presented with one caption that best suits your picture. However, if you don’t seem to like the suggested caption, you can always have multiple options available just by the click of a button. Once you have selected a caption, it automatically gets copied on the clipboard of your preferred social media website, i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

  1.  Caption AI – 

Self-proclaimed “best Instagram caption maker,” says that every picture of yours deserves the perfect caption and quality hashtags. Caption AI uses synthetic intelligence to assure you that the captions you choose are ideal. They also offer exquisite hashtags to make sure you reach out to the maximum number of people. The app is always in study mode, and the caption and hashtags will improve throughout the years to provide tailormade captions and hashtags for you. 

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