5 Ways Mobile Workforce Management is a must in 2021
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Anyone charged with the immense responsibility of workforce management knows that, even prior to the incredible challenges posed by our rapidly-moving 21st century and the post-covid world of business, the list of challenges was already overwhelming.  There are shifting trends in the physical workplace.  The need for employee flexibility.  And that’s without even mentioning the traditional challenges of simultaneously keeping up with attendance, rostering, communication – and the dozens of complex and time-consuming issues and related problems that spiral out from the center.

In our revolutionizing and uber-technological world, there must be a better way!  Well, there is: and it’s already in the palm of your hand.

Just look at how quickly and impressively business is already adapting to the routine-smashing world of covid.  There’s Zoom, there are remote offices, and all sorts of other creative rostering and other ideas now becoming the ‘new normal’ to keep profits rolling in for these difficult times.

So as we all get our wake-up call, why not contemplate taking your existing workforce management routines and systems, and taking it all … mobile?  Managers, staff, and customers alike, we already use our smartphones each and every day (and, increasingly, in just about each and every moment).  But mobile workforce management is about much more than just convenience.  It’s about transformation.

Here’s why you should take a closer look:

1. It makes life easier

Tell any workforce manager that life is about to get a whole lot easier, and they’re likely to bite off that outstretched hand.  If you’re still doing things on paper or with other legacy routines, you’re not just eating up time and getting frustrated, you’re also being left behind by your key competitors.  Take, for instance, that slow and cumbersome old task of onboarding new staff, which with mobile workforce management is not just painless but the beneficiary of full automation, ensuring not just seamless compliance but an error-free way to quickly get every new hire onboarded before they even arrive for that first day of work.

2. It makes communication easier

A connected team is a happy team.

Yes, workforce management systems are about the nuts and bolts of where your staff is and what they’re up to.  But the foundation of that is communication – and your mobile is already at the heart of that.  Whether it’s one-on-one or a connection with the whole team, mobile workforce management brings everyone together … no matter where they are.  Check notice boards, resolve problems instantly, and track that engagement on both a macro and a micro-level.

3. It’s all about the data

That mobile or other smart device might be small, but it packs exponentially more technology in there than got us to the moon – and that’s a fact.  

But where legacy workforce management really lags behind the world of mobile solutions is all of that data.  In the physical world, sifting through it all can be a nightmare – but fast, precise, and powerful data management, processing, and reporting are arguably the digital world’s greatest strengths.  Not just that, a simple click syncs it all with the cloud, making workforce admin for both managers and staff just about equivalent with a few fun minutes on social media.

4. Supercharged reporting power

And the knock-on effect of that powerful data processing is the powerful tracking, reporting, and analytics of your staff’s rostering and achievements.  

With digital workforce management, staff issues are instantly recognized and just as easily rectified, even when it’s done on the fly or at the last minute.  Manager and staff attendance recording errors are wiped out by smart automation, as are scheduling conflicts and the need for manual review.  Simply sit back and empower your mobile solution to do the hard work, crunching that data to enable unprecedented oversight into every aspect of your staff’s performance and other key business metrics.

5. Super-simple rostering

Super-simple it may be, but super-powerful it certainly is as well.  We’re talking about the nuts and bolts of every workforce manager’s tasks – rostering and scheduling.  

No matter the complexity and the increasingly modern need for flexibility and creativity, it’s easier than ever before to get the people you need where you need them, doing what you need them to do with efficiency.  It’s all achieved with smart rosters that eliminate errors, feature-rich roster templates that give every manager unprecedented drag-and-drop power, and the kind of budgetary control and payroll cost minimization you’ve dreamed of with seamless platform and tool integration and ingenious analytics.

Mobile workforce management ticks every box for 2021

What if there was a way to wield the power of the smartphone or device that’s already in your pocket for drastically boosted productivity and efficiency, supercharged outcomes, fully-empowered worker visibility, and performance analytics, and dramatically fewer scheduling, compliance, and complexity issues?  Trying to make better decisions, improve outcomes, and guarantee ROI on those business investments is normally impossible with just a single new solution – but mobile workforce management fit for 2021 ticks every box and a lot more on top of that.

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