Why You Are Unable To See Someone Hidden Status on WhatsApp?

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 07:07 am

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WhatsApp is a popular means of communication these days. Therefore, we are presenting to you the list of reasons why you are unable to see hidden status on WhatsApp.

There Could Be A Network Problem

Do the statuses that your friends have uploaded appear in your Status tab, but you are unable to view them? This issue, which also affects a lot of users, is frequently brought on by a problem with your network.

You are unable to download the statuses and view them as a result of your network connectivity possibly being poor or slow. It is genuinely easy to Fix it. Simply close your WhatsApp tab, separate the portable information (or WiFi), and afterward interface it once more.

You can also try turning on Flight Mode for a minute and then reconnecting to the internet if the error still occurs.

The Person Has Not Saved Your Contact On Their Device

In any case, imagine a scenario in which that is not what’s going on with you. What if, even though you are aware that the individual has uploaded a story, the name of that individual does not appear at all when you open the Status tab? We have dedicated this error and the subsequent three solutions to it because it is more serious than the previous one.

The primary conceivable explanation for this mistake could be your number not being saved money on the gadget of this individual. You might already be aware of this, but unlike their profile picture, a person’s WhatsApp status cannot be seen by the general public. Instead, it appears on the accounts of users whose smartphones have added contacts.

Therefore, it is possible that this individual does not have your WhatsApp number saved on their device. This is considerably more probable assuming that you end up utilizing two different telephone numbers. Individuals will generally neglect to add the second number of a similar individual, wanting to keep it in memory.

Simply inquire as to whether they have saved your number on their device to correct this error. That is what is keeping their statuses hidden from you if they have not. Request that they do it now, and all will be well in the future!

They Could Have Made A Privacy Setting On Their Status

We talked about how a person’s status is only visible to the contacts added to their device in the previous section. Nonetheless, while this may be the default setting of situations, doesn’t mean you’re not given more customization choices about it.

Since these settings are available to every WhatsApp user, it’s possible that they deliberately or unintentionally excluded you from their status visibility settings.

Now, it won’t take you more than a minute to clarify the situation with them and correct the error if you are certain that they did it by mistake. However, it would be foolish to pursue the matter further if there was even a remote possibility that they were acting on purpose.

They Must Have Blocked You

When someone blocks you, you may not be able to see their status for another reason. However, since the platform contains numerous indicators of this action, confirming this is straightforward.

The profile picture of the person who blocked you will be the first thing to disappear, as you can immediately see. They won’t be online at all, and any messages you send to them will always contain a single tick. You have been blocked if all of these factors match your condition.

You Must Have Muted Their Status By Mistake

Finally, let’s talk about a mistake you may have made that may have led to this error. There’s an element for quieting somebody’s status on WhatsApp; The person’s status will no longer appear in the RECENT UPDATES section of your Status tab once you enable it.

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