How Women Should Learn Cryptocurrency Right Now

How Women Should Learn Cryptocurrency Right Now

With the Internet’s appearance, there have been occasional attempts around the world to create digital currencies. However, no one trusted these projects – and they were not popular.

Today, cryptocurrency has long since flooded the world. While some treat it with suspicion and choose only to watch it, others are getting rich earning thousands of dollars.

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a serious competitor to the traditional financial system. The usual modern money issued by central banks is not supported by gold or other valuable metals.

At first, it seemed that the digital money industry is a closed men’s club. This is all covered by a lot of stereotypes that women can easily break. Over the past few years, the blockchain world has seen increasing growth in female audiences. And among them are analysts, experts, investors, consultants, etc. If you come to this page, it means you are interested in how you can start to work with cryptocurrency, whether you should or not and how to get the profit to the fullest. Now, we will explain everything in order. Be ready to work with digital money and increase your level of income.

What is Cryptocurrency?

The first thing to find out is the basic concept of cryptocurrency. Some people equate it with bitcoin, and this is wrong because there are many other digital currencies in which you can freely invest.

So, cryptocurrency is virtual money that is paid in a decentralized system. In other words, it is a system that is not controlled by the authorities.

Central banks do not control the rate of national currencies but can influence the amount of money in circulation and other parameters. The cryptocurrency, in comparison with usual currencies, is transparent and its quantity is limited by mathematical formulas, rather than by the interests of the states.

What are the Most Popular Cryptocurrencies?

Currently, there is a large selection of the most different digital money in the financial market, the number of which is only increasing every year. The reason for this is quite clear. Interest in digital currency is growing daily among all population groups. Many people are ready to invest all their money in cryptocurrency. The most popular include the following:

Bitcoin (BTC). This most popular cryptocurrency was created in late 2008 and early 2009. It is bitcoin that acts as the main object of interest from potential investors and the subject of trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

The idea of selling bitcoin is not new. It has been talked about since the beginning of the cryptosphere. In 2009, the price of a bitcoin was only worth a few cents and by 2011, it was trading at tens of thousands of dollars. In 2013, the price of a bitcoin skyrocketed to over $1,000 and we have been moving in that direction ever since.

Litecoin (LTC). This is a fork of bitcoin or so-called virtual silver. It appeared in 2011, rapidly gaining popularity and capitalization.

Ethereum (ETH). The Ethereum payment system was launched in the middle of 2015 and, despite its young age, it has become very popular. Now ETH confidently competes with bitcoin.

Monero (XMR). The main feature of cryptocurrency is the highest level of anonymity of the payment system existing today. Monero was created based on the original CryptoNote protocol in the spring of 2014.

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency That Are Important for Women

Work. If you have any problems with offline employment, then cryptocurrency is a great way to increase your income. Besides this, you have opportunities to start a successful business.

Earnings. These are relevant and great opportunities to make money. Moreover, most exchanges are very easy to work with.

Market. Here is the constant development of digital money, the dynamism of the market, and the emergence of new cryptocurrencies.

Payment process. There are also many pluses here. Payments are low commissions, no intermediaries, no bans, full confidentiality.

Top 5 Stereotypes About Cryptocurrencies and Women Worth Forgetting Right Now

1. Digital currency is a difficult field to understand.

The current approach to marketing and positioning tends to make the crypto sphere less understandable to newcomers. And this actively influences the emergence of the stereotype that women won’t be able to figure it out because it is often acknowledged that technology is an industry ruled by men. In addition, there are many complex terms that can confuse anyone. Plus, all the crypto ads depict men. And that’s a direct hint that women shouldn’t be here.

2. Lack of time.

Most people are used to the fact that women always have no time. It takes a lot of independent work to learn the crypto sphere before digital currencies start making a profit and satisfaction from working with them. 

3. Indecision.

The crypto sphere is full of scammers and dubious projects. It is true from one side, but there are many already proven exchanges where you can work anonymously and safely.

4. Lack of financial literacy.

Financial literacy is a serious obstacle. And there are opinions that women do not have the same experience in investments as men. But let’s think about women analysts, financiers, investors, etc.

5. Technology and start-ups are male-dominated fields.

The problem of gender inequality in innovation is still a hot topic. Therefore, it is often still noted, but women are bravely struggling against these stereotypes, increasingly proving the opposite.


And now let’s summarize by answering the question of why women need to urgently invest in currency? Opportunity is perhaps the most attractive twist the crypto sphere has to offer women. It means taking responsibility for your own choices and managing your own funds, a wide selection of assets to trade, exchange, multiple approaches to dealing with cash, etc. You will have:

  1. Increased monetary well-being.
  2. An opportunity to try yourself in a new field.
  3. Gaining financial freedom.

Now answer yourself the question: when if not now?!

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