How to Create Online Notes Without Installing Text Editing Software
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Taking notes while working on a specific project or activity keeps you attentive to note down and hint at the little details about the subject under discussion. 

In the same way, developers, bloggers, or any individual relating to the online community, requires to make quick changes on their line of work.

That’s where the most prominent features of Microsoft Windows assist its users in providing quick and easy service. It is an offline desktop editing software with Windows default operating system that can be used on any Windows Desktop or Laptop. 

But in today’s internet-driven era, offline notes and texts are becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, an online community is looking for subtler solutions to take full advantage of cloud storage. 

Similarly, the way of making notes is changing. Online bloggers and web developers may need quick and easy service to take notes without switching applications. 

That’s where the online text editors step in to provide these minor yet demanding services without installing any additional application.

What is an online text editor?

An online text editor is a friendly notepad that allows you to make quick text files by accessing a website. These online editors allow saving text online without downloading any additional applications or utilities.

You can make files, edit the text in real-time and make multiple notes right from your web browser. These editors are more effective yet easy to use than your offline, operating system-based notepads for Windows and Mac.

Benefits of using online text editors

Besides delivering all the basic features like copy, paste, redo, undo, and cut, you get full options to change your text’s font style and size. 

Like your offline editors, you can also add animated emoji’s or images. But features that set an online text editor apart from an offline notepad are stated below:

  • No need to install an additional browser utility or desktop application.
  • Allows quick access to edit your text.
  • It prevents data loss by automatically saving the file online.
  • Automatic document restoration in case of an abnormal shutdown.
  • You can choose to save document files offline on your system storage.

Now that we have discussed some significant benefits of using online text editors, let us talk about some of the most widely used online notepads that can be accessed without installing any software:

1. EditPad’s Online Text Editor

With this online text editor, you can do a lot without installing any application, signing up, or paying a single buck. EditPad offers a complete suite of simple text editing services via an online-based service.

Students can use this online application to make quick notes or edit their assignments in real-time. The interface is much likely similar to the Microsoft notepad, which makes it convenient to operate by new users.

Besides the primary editing feature, this online text editor offers a bunch of useful options, which are mentioned below:

Features of EditPad

  • Wordcount and Character count feature
  • Plagiarism and grammar checking feature.
  • Allows to save notes online with document recovery feature

2. Primapad

Primepad is your online text editing partner for any device. This online text editor allows you to make new notes, edit, save and share online notes anywhere from any device. 

The interface and operation are seamlessly efficient to use. You can share your online notes and text documents with your collaborators with just a single click. It is free and easy to use, from students to bloggers.

Features of Primapad

  • Allows to save and customize notes and folders without signup
  • Include the autosave feature to retain accessibility of our text file
  • The easy to transfer share button makes the file move a breeze


The name itself pretty much covers the whole idea. The online notepad is your freeware online text editing partner offering a complete set of options you’ll find in a professional offline text editor. This tool has an identical resemblance with Microsoft Word with its formatting, writing, and editing style. 

This tool allows you to share a document directly. You can also rename and edit the document in real-time, supported with the autosave feature. So, edit as much as you want. There is no limit on character or word count.

Features of Online Notepad

  • Simple and easy to use interface with large word count and character count limit
  • This tool automatically saves your previous work and allows you to continue where you left off
  • All the previously edited files are saved in the view option

4. is a free web-based online notepad designed to cover all your fundamental note-making needs. The interface is clean and straightforward, with no bulky options or buttons floating on the screen. 

This notepad has an autosave feature that helps recover any previously edited text from the drafts. It also keeps you posted with the character count while typing in your assignment or web content. 

Features of Just Notepad

  • Saves previously entered text as a draft 
  • Allows the option to delete all files at once
  • No need of any registration for using it.

5. ANotepad

Anotepad is what its name defines, a simple tool with a prominent resemblance to the Microsoft Notepad. Unlike some other text editors, this utility allows you to make a password protected account. 

But there is no restriction on using features with login or signup. It’s an entirely free and easy-to-use online application covering all your editing needs.

Features of ANotepad

  • Notes can be saved in PDF, TXT, and DOC format
  • Built-in text editor for fast and easy text formatting
  • Allows to secure notes with a login password


Online text editors and notepads are helpful to provide real-time editing and note-taking services. It is very convenient to make quick notes without switching applications and manually saving any document. We don’t have to worry about losing our document and its contents with online text editors.

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