How Blockchain Technology is Changing Real Estate

How Blockchain Technology is Changing Real Estate

Living in a world where virtuality and online connectivity is taking the pedestal of human existence, it becomes perfectly reasonable that different worlds of spheres build a reciprocal link. One of them is the link between blockchain technology and real estate. Even though in the past, real estate meant cash, money and smooth transactions in real-time, today, the appearance and impact of the blockchain technology have changed the way real estate functions. Let’s have a closer look at how these two have established their mutuality.

From No Connection at All to Breaking the Norm

Real estate has always done transactions of high-value assets avoiding digital assets. Face-to-face deals were the norm due to the fact that big money was still in the question. However, the appearance of Blockchain has changed all this. The first and most crucial step was the introduction of smart contracts in the platforms of Blockchain, which allowed real estate to be tokenized. As a result, real estate deals could now be traded like cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and ether.

Platform and Selling

As the primary purpose of real estate is to connect the buyers of homes with sellers of homes, the blockchain technology had to come up with ideas on how to facilitate this process and bring novelty in it. For that purpose, several trading platforms and online marketplaces were established that ensured more comprehensive real estate transactions. Now, the real estate assets can be traded the same way stocks are traded, and all of it can be done online.

How it works: The platform allows the home sellers to tokenize assets by liquidating the asset via a token sale. Then, the tokens that are collected can be exchanged for fiat currency giving the buyers a percentage stale of the property

No Middle Man

In the case with real estate, real estate agents were the ones that conducted the process of selling and buying homes. Also, the lawyers and banks had an important role in the process. But today, with the blockchain technology, these roles could be significantly decreased. What is in the process of happening is that the new platforms of the blockchain technology will take over the listings, payments and legal documentation. This singles out the middlemen and leaves a vast space for the home buyers and sellers to get more out of their money. This will be merely possible because no money will be paid on commissions and fees.

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