Future Home Tech – Lower The Cost Of Energy In The Home
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The cost of energy continues to soar year after year and it is making it hard for many families just to make it on a monthly basis. The winter months can be especially bad as the temperature drops and we are faced with having to run heating units. Thankfully, there are many forms of technology that can be used to help lower the cost of energy in the home, and Corgi shares our top ten devices. 

1. Long Life Lamp Co. Automatic LED Night Light

Maybe you may sleep easier knowing your hallway is illuminated so your kids can find you if they want to have a night light on? These plug-in night lights are not only small but also have an A++ energy rating. They come in a variety of colors and automatically turn on at dark and off at sunrise. Given that they don’t emit any heat, they are perfectly safe to use around both children and dogs. They are a terrific substitute for leaving a light or a full lamp on, and they work especially well when you are away from home and want to create the impression that you are inside without having to pay to leave a light on.

2. EcoStar Tap Aerator 

This inexpensive upgrade will transform your bathroom or kitchen. How? It attaches to your faucet so you may wash your hands or clean your dishes with higher pressure while using less water overall. It entirely swivels, has two settings, and is quite simple to install.

3. Ionic Shower Head from Magichome Store

Replace your present showerhead with this one and you’ll thank us later. Not only will it boost the pressure of your shower and soften your skin and hair, but it will also help you use less water when you’re taking a shower. With no tools needed, it can be installed quickly. Additionally, its filtration shower head helps maintain a stable pH in your water and keep your hair and skin free of pollutants, heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants. Even if you do not use this showerhead to save money when you shower, the advantages are astounding.

4. KinTor Wool Dryer Balls

If you don’t want to give up using your tumble dryer or don’t like the way your clothes feel after they dry naturally, these balls are a good alternative. You won’t want to go back after purchasing a bag of these wool dryer balls. They are designed to shorten drying times and minimize wrinkles, which means you’ll use your iron less (yeah!). Each ball may be used up to 1,000 times and is odorless, however you can use them with essential oils to organically perfume your garments. Consequently, you won’t have to replace them for a long time. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your wet laundry goes from damp to dry if you use 3 to 4 of these dryer balls for a typical load or 6 for larger loads of laundry.

5. Four Panel Cylinder Jacket

With the aid of this budget-friendly Screwfix purchase, you may cover your boiler and help it mask heat. You will have hotter water if you cover your boiler, whether it is located in your airing closet or the chilly loft where you dwell. It is obvious that this is a fantastic deal because it has received just 5-star ratings.

6. Thermostatic Valve Head

Purchasing a thermostatic valve to independently regulate each of the radiators is a simple method to reduce your energy costs. This does indeed imply that you can decide not to heat specific rooms that you don’t use frequently, such as a guest room. They are simple to install and much simpler to operate. Even if you don’t want to switch off a radiator, you may still save money by just lowering the temperature.

7. Round Chimney Draught Excluder from Chimney Sheep

A chimney sheep will help keep chilly air out of your room if you frequently experience a draft from the fireplace while it is not in use. Additionally, employing one is also going to help prevent debris and wind noise from entering your house. They advise purchasing a chimney sheep that is a few inches larger than necessary in order to save your annual energy costs by up to £60.

8. Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light by Anker

Use these ingenious lights to light up your closet, coat closet, or even your hallway and bathroom at night without using electricity to turn on any large lights. There is no need for an electrician to hook them to a wall because they are battery-powered. Each lamp should offer gentle lighting for up to a year before the batteries need to be changed since they are powered by motion detection to prevent wasting extra battery power in the event that you forget to turn them off.

9. Deconovo Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains, which are now less than £20, are also thermal, which have the ability to contain heat in the winter and cold in the summer in the room. How? All you have to do is select a color and determine the size of your window because they are triple-layered with a unique fabric. They have nearly 40,000 ratings on Amazon, are eyelet curtains, and can be hung up in a matter of minutes.

10. GAIATOP Space Heater

We advise you to take advantage of this deal right now because the price is really reasonable for a device of not only this high of quality but operating efficiency. You won’t have to heat your entire home if you just use one area, making it a fantastic investment for smaller settings. It quickly heats up so you can feel toasty in a flash, and it runs at a quiet 45dB so you won’t be disturbed when binge-watching Netflix in bed or working in your office. You can set it down on the floor, atop a table, or on any other clear surface.

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