Best 10 Cross-Platform App Frameworks To Consider In 2021

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 09:54 am

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With rapid technological developments in today’s intensely dynamic digital sphere, developers continuously seek tools or mechanisms to accelerate their jobs and reduce the time and costs of app growth. Mobile app development company leverages one of the mobile app development frameworks for development.

Android and IOS are the most used tools for creating smartphone applications. Using the native programming process, separate codes for multiple systems are compulsory, while the cross-platform approach allows for both, with continuously decreased restrictions on functions. The cross-platform framework.

As a consequence, in 2021, you can see an overwhelming number of cross-platform software development platforms to satisfy this need. The higher search level can be seen from 2009 to the present when looking at the Google Trends markers.

10 Cross-Platform App Frameworks in 2021

Fewer failures in the efficiency of multi-platform software development systems have been found over the last several years, but the remainder is specifically corrected. It has become one of the most common developer trends because of the growing demand for native apps. 

But these applications, like any other technology, have their advantages and drawbacks so we still need to cover their other criteria before using cross-platform application development. Here are the top 10 best cross-platform app frameworks in 2021 that is being used by the top mobile app development company.

React Native

As a web interface development tool, React Native app development was created in 2013. Facebook launched it publicly in 2015 to create hybrid smartphone apps. React Native has gained a reasonably decent reputation in 2020 as well as a best-in-class hybrid technology development platform in 2021. 

React Native has tremendous potential in the coming years to be one of the best frameworks for mobile hybrid development. React Native app development boxes against Ionic as they see them as common solutions. A react native app development company can build an app using the React Native development framework. Moreover, react native app development has been recently picking up an immense pace.

Ionic Framework

It can be referred to as the most common multiplatform architecture that the Development Company uses to build mobile applications. It is a publicly available open-source platform that is licensed by MIT. A mobile app development company can build robust apps using the Ionic framework.

In this sense, software such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used and can contribute to the expertise of developers. A developer with acute knowledge of this technology must be employed by the mobile app production firms. 

This architecture inherits certain Android and IOS components. The ionic platform also offers outstanding support for a wide population and developers can produce a native app much like mobile devices. A mobile app development company can leverage the Ionic framework to build high-quality apps.


The most common cross-platform architecture used to build mobile apps by many mobile applications Production Companies is named. It is a free open-source platform, which retains a license for MIT. 

In this context, tools such as HTML, CSS in JavaScript are used and can add the expertise of developers. A developer with acute knowledge of these innovations wants to be hired by mobile app production firms. 

This system inherits certain Android and IOS components. The ionic platform also offers excellent service to a wide population and developers can construct a native application as mobile.


It is one of the key frameworks owned by Microsoft which writes great mobile applications for any OS (WORA). It has been introduced as an open-source forum to solve the problems of the unrelated indigenous technology stack. 

This frame will operate on server platforms with code hands of C#. Companies are using this architecture to extract efficiencies and update it periodically to render it the strongest multiplatform technology system. 

The ability to write codes for multiple platforms is another impressive aspect of this multi-platform mobile app framework. Mobile app development companies can develop applications using the Xamarin app development framework.

Native Script

NativeScript is one of the few mobile programming systems that can write codes for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular languages on cross-platforms. It supports a range of platforms from Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Embedded, and web-based. A mobile app development company can create new, scalable, and beautiful applications with NativeScript, which can be compiled using the same APIs as in Xcode or Android. 

NativeScript apps can be implemented without incorporation with any cloakroom with CocoaPods, Maven, or Npm.js, using reflections to control native API positions and gather information. For NativeScript applications, all tools for any native framework API may be used.

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is a cross-platform system operated by Adobe, previously considered to be named Apache Cordova. This platform is developed using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and encourages users to communicate the application with the team so they can gain active feedback. 

If the developer needs to create the app directly, then a cloud solution is available. It provides independence over compressed text commands and access to resources and components from third parties. Using this mobile development platform, developers can see the shift in dynamics.


Flutter is a cross-platform application development environment, operated by Google. It is open-source. In a relatively short time, it was planned to build native Android and iOS interfaces. 

Developers worldwide use this system because it often operates on the existing code. The 2D rendering machine can also be used to create graphics such as Skia. Even a React native app development company or a mobile app development company can build high-quality apps using Flutter.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is a cross-platform open-source app development environment that supports iOS, Linux, and Windows UPW. It began in 2008 and kept 10% of the overall cross-platform market share by 2011. At present, there are some timid registrations of a million. The Apache-licensed software development kit, Titanium SDK, is at the core of this best mobile cross-platform system. 

SDK Titanium is a cross-developer API that enables developers to use native functionality such as menus, dialogue boxes, and window bars. It also facilitates transparent access to native modules and hyperloops Native functionalities.

Sencha touch

Sencha Touch was released in 2010 and has been one of the few cross-platform software creation frameworks that allow developers to build applications that run on many operating systems and yet provide native features. The Sencha Touch is built on CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 specifications. iOS, Linux, Blackberry, Tyzen, and many other OSs support applications built using this framework. 

Sencha Touch provides a versatile product manager that encourages data and content designing and display. You can either deploy React native app development or hire a mobile app development company to leverage the Sencha touch app development framework for mobile app development.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is an open-source, learner-friendly, and highly effective framework for developing applications for different platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. You can create applications that run smoothly on various platforms, such as Smartphones, laptops, wearables, and smart TVs. 

Corona SDK is based on Lua, which is an open-source language that is designed to build software easily but beautifully. Some examples of Lua-based applications are WarCraft and Angry Birds. Corona SDK is an open-source that is supported by many plug-ins to boost performance and features.


You must first consider the goals and then your project similarity before picking either of the frameworks. Get your mind strong, whether you have a cross-platform app frame or a hybrid app. The architecture of mobile device creation is essential to the development of mobile apps. 

Before any meaningful action, we recommend you work with some good cross-platform application development firms. Request advice and read about how organizations use these systems to exploit their time-saving and cost-effective functionality. 

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