8 Types of WordPress Push Notifications Users Enjoy
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The mobile app has recently helped you boost your business growth and achieve a loyal customer base. WordPress push notifications are one of the best methods over conventional websites since it gives a friendly push to users, reminding them of your business. In this article, we will cover the eight different types of push notifications that users enjoy. 

However, before jumping on the push notifications types, it is essential to understand push notifications and their benefits. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are short but precise messages that appear on the user’s screen irrespective of their device. These are the direct communication channels with customers to convey important messages, be they sale promos, offers, etc. Most importantly, subscribers can check your message wherever and whenever they want as long as they are active online or have their browser running online. 

If we look back, push notifications were introduced in 2009 with momentum to upscale business. Since then, it has been growing and removing the gap between the customers and marketers. Even though marketers are highly obsessed with push notifications, they are still wondering how they can implement them to get the most of them. 

This short guide will tell you everything you should be aware of. Keep reading.

Why Should You Use Push Notifications?

Recent studies show around 4.8% of CTR increased than of email. Moreover, these characteristics make push notifications highly effective and a game-changing scheme for everyone.  

  • Increases the quality leads
  • Time-saving 
  • Boost customer retention
  • Provides opt-in choice

8 Different Types of Push Notifications You Must Know

1.      Desktop Push Notifications

Unlike mobile app notifications, desktop push notifications appear only on the user’s desktop screen. These notifications are generally driven by the services/products/ websites you have opt-in. However, experts say desktop push notifications are quite challenging to build instead WooCommerce push notifications since it requires the developer’s assistance.

2.      Mobile App Push Notifications

Mobile app notifications are pretty similar to desktop push notifications. But they are triggered by an existing app installed on mobile. When a user opens the app, the OS push notification service registers unique IDs for the app and the device. Additionally, these IDs are given to the app publishers who use them to manually create and distribute push notifications to boost user engagement.

Remember, mobile app push notifications appear under the three locations – banner, lock screen, and notification center. Mobile app notifications are challenging to create since they demand professional and best push notifications tools like WonderPush.

3.      Web Push Notifications

Web push notification is a combo of mobile and desktop push notifications. These alerts are usually displayed on the top or bottom-right corner of the screen, depending on the OS you’re using. They display on a mobile device in a manner that is very similar to how push notifications are sent from an app. Whether a person is on your website or not, web push notifications are often provided on their desktop or mobile screen whenever they are active on their browser.

Web push notifications are often opted by marketers to boost user engagement, customer retention, and conversions. The best these are relatively easy to build and do not require too much help from a technician. This is why most marketers opt for WordPress push notifications.

4.      Informative Notifications

These push notifications are the form of sending alerts, reminders, and updates to the subscribed users.  

  • Update notifications: these notifications are sent to users to share major updates regarding the app.
  •  Reminder notifications: these notifications are sent to users with the aim they can’t miss out on any exclusive offer from your store, be it sale or promo offers.
  • Alerts: these are short notifications based on personal activity such as password change, like or dislike, etc.

5.      Geolocation Push Notifications

Geolocation notifications are a great way to make a straight connection with customers. This lets your customer know how much you care for them since it sends notifications for food, drink, travel, etc.

Geolocation notifications create virtual parameters around some specific areas, so they can send notifications accordingly.

6.      Catch-up Notifications

Catch-up notifications are best to re-engage and motivate users. For instance, if the user has achieved the walking milestone of 100000 km in 3 months, you can send them an appreciation notification. Plus, this helps build a loyal bond with your customers as you wish them good moments. These notifications are best for workout apps, e-commerce, etc.

7.      Promotional Notifications

Promotional notifications are often opted by marketers to promote their business, generate leads, and increase sales and revenue. These often influence users to make purchases. For instance, you can see the given picture.

8.      Order Push Notifications

Order push notifications are another way to influence sales. These notifications alert users about what they should order and the status of the order, including order, placed shipping, etc. These notifications are perfect for eCommerce sites, food businesses, etc.


So, these are the eight types of WordPress push notifications types you can incorporate into your business. Make sure you use them wisely and take higher advantage of them. However, if you are a newbie, then you must check the WonderPush notification tool to get started since it helps with each type of notification you want to work with. 

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