6 Effective Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rates in Content Marketing

Last updated on May 16th, 2023 at 11:11 am

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In the world of digital marketing there is only one thing for certain; it is a highly competitive environment. This means that in order to stay relevant you have to create enough traffic and optimize your conversion rates. This is especially true for content marketing, where the goal is to create interesting content and share it effectively with a huge audience. 

This content is aimed at promoting your product or a service, so it is crucially important to create content that is going to be both informative and engaging. A potential visitor to your site could turn into a lead and eventually into a loyal customer. There are reliable methods to use in order to reach those high numbers, you just have to take it step by step. Here are six effective ways to boost your conversion rates in content marketing. 

Survey your customers

Creating content is not just about volume, it is also about offering quality. You might be putting in maximal effort to create a variety of digital content with all of the adequately implemented technical details, but there is still something missing. Your customers simply don’t stay with you. This is where you have to be very clear on what it is that your clients resonate with the most, the quality of your content will be the determining factor here. 

What better way to know than to ask your clients directly. This can be implemented in various ways. Perhaps you can leverage follow-up emails, which are extremely useful for getting customer feedback, distributing newsletters, latest info and even offering vouchers and specialized deals in order to boost your sales. In addition, you can also communicate with people using social media platforms which offer incredible ease of connecting with a wide range of audiences. 

Use engaging visuals

People are highly visual learners and it is really important to leverage this psychological phenomenon, since you can dramatically boost your rates by simply using appealing visuals and design. Both are important since they offer a sense of cohesion in the overall picture. A good design is going to be well adapted to be responsive on all devices including smartphones. On the other hand, good visuals will convey all the information that your words might fail to do.  

This is because over 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. Not just any image will do. They have to be relevant. Therefore, choose images that are going to enhance the significance of the text and not just create additional confusion. For this reason, infographics can be truly amazing as they can summarize the key points of the article in a really effective way. 

Use relevant keywords and links

One of the most useful steps you can take in order to boost your conversion rates on your page is to include relevant keywords and links. When people visit your page, they are essentially choosing whether they want to take your product or not. This is a very short time frame, and that is why you want to include keywords with a focus on purchase-intent, because they will help your page reach the right people. 

For instance, these words usually revolve around terms such as “free” and “new”. For best results you should seek professional link building services,  which will definitely help you find the best keywords for your niche and also help you with implementing high-conversion links. 

Use a chat system

Some of your visitors might not convert simply because they do not fully understand your product or service, and they might have a question. That is why implementing a chat bot is so useful. These automated widgets can prepare answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. People visiting your page will no longer be on the fence. This is really important for your future success because in any business it is not the “NOs” but the “MAYBEs” that cost the most. 

Improve your headlines

Creating good content is not just about having solid text copies but it also requires you to enhance the effect that a text might have by leveraging clever headlines. Numbered lists are really useful for creating high click rates. Your headlines should include 5-9 words, as they perform the best. The psychological aspect is also really important, and that is why it is really useful to include powerful sensory words such as: “danger”, or “secret”.  

Social-proof your content

Over 80% of people online check reviews first before they buy a product or a service. In addition, one of the three most influential factors for deciding on a purchase is actually getting good reviews online. If you are indeed getting good results why not show it to the people. Some of the biggest review services include Yelp and Google reviews. These can be easily linked on your page. Some of the reviews can be outlined as customer testimonials as well. This is some of the best ways to truly boost your credibility and drive your conversion rates. 

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Summing up

High conversion rates are the key indicator of your marketing success. The good thing is that anyone can achieve such success with content marketing using a few effective strategies. Some of them include: using relevant keywords, interacting with your clients, providing engaging visuals, implementing a chat-bot, creating clever headlines and leveraging social-proofing to your advantage.  

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